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VIV 345


Pickles and Peppers Rag for Solo Organ
By Adaline Shepherd Arranged by Barbara Harbach

An entertaining piece of ragtime for solo organ that utilizes the wonderful registrational capabilities of the organ, and adapts the "raggedty" style of Pickles and Peppers into an immediately appealing audience pleaser.
VIV 345, 8 pages, $8.95


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A Brief Bio of the Composer

Adaline Shepherd, born in Algona, Iowa, August 19, 1883, spent most of her life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Shepherd wrote several successful rags. Her first and most successful was Pickles and Peppers in 1906. This rag sold 200,000 copies in 1908 alone, and William Jennings Bryan used it in his 1908 presidential campaign. It sold through 1913, and survives on one piano roll, and four recordings. Her other rags were Wireless Rag in 1909, and Live Wires in 1910. She married Fred Sherman Olson in 1910 and, as expected by society, retired from composition except for her one last piece, Victory March, in 1917. She died March 12, 1950.


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