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VIV 409


Sound the Trumpet for Trumpet and Organ
By Mary Jeanne van Appledorn

This expressive work by prolific composer Mary Jeanne van Appledorn explores a full range of trumpet and organ sounds and a variety of moods.
VIV 409, 20 pages, $13.95


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A Brief Bio of the Composer

Mary Jeanne van Appledorn is the Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of Music at the School of Music, Texas Tech University in Lubbock TX. She earned her Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the Eastman School of Music. Her large body of compositions includes music for solo instruments, band, orchestra, ballet, and orchestra with chorus. She has also composed electronic music. In 1988 choreographer Violette Verdi and the New York City Ballet presented a dance based on her composition Set of Seven.

Her works have been heard in many lands, including major performances in the Soviet Union, France, Hungary, and other European countries, in Japan and Australia. Van Appledorn has received Standard Awards since 1980 from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP); Virginia College Band Directors National Association awards for Cacophony in 1981 and Lux: Legend of Sankta Lucia in 1982; Delta Kappa Gamma International Scholar Award, 1959-60; and numerous other honors and distinctions.

Her professional listings appear in major musical reference works, and her music can be heard on Hester Park, Opus One, Gasparo, Northeastern, Century, Crest, Contemporary Record Society and Vienna Modern Masters recordings.


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