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Close Your Eyes
Women Jazz Composers
Thomas George, piano and Michael Kaupa, trumpet/flügelhorn

Bernice Petkere -- Billie Holiday -- Maria Grever -- Dee Libbey -- Mable Wayne -- Sharah Hannah Sheppard -- Dana Suesse -- Dorothy Fields -- Kay Swift -- Ann Ronell -- Sadie Vimmerstedt -- Ruth Lowe

This CD is the first to highlight women composers of jazz--from Billie Holiday’s God Bless the Child to Sarah Hannah Sheppard’s Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. The powerful combination of piano and horn allows these great songs to speak with simple grace and undiluted charm. “Brilliantly performed, this disc will astound the casual listener with the number of familiar pieces included, and thrill the professional with the mastery these two musicians have of their craft.” (reviewer Thomas Erdmann in Women of Note Quarterly)

CD 7701 Hester Park Records, 64 minutes 50 seconds, $15.98

Tracks Found on Close Your Eyes

1. Bernice Petkere Close Your Eyes 3:16
2. Billie Holiday God Bless the Child 6:38
3. Bernice Petkere Lullaby of the Leaves 4:29
4. Maria Grever What a Difference a Day Makes 5:21
5. Dee Libbey Mangoes 4:04
6. Mable Wayne Little Man, You’ve Had a Busy Day 3:27
7. Sarah Hannah Sheppard Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 3:28
8. Dana Suesse You Oughta Be in Pictures 2:02
9. Dorothy Fields I’m in the Mood for Love 5:20
10. Kay Swift Can’t We Be Friends? 3:15
11. Ann Ronell Willow Weep for Me 6:40
12. Billie Holiday Don’t Explain 4:20
13. Sadie Vimmerstedt I Wanna Be Around 4:02
14. Ruth Lowe I’ll Never Smile Again 7:59

Total Time: 64:50

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