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CD 7703

Selected Critical Acclaim
Classical Prodigies: Elizabeth Weichsell Billington & Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Barbara Harbach, harpsichord

“The genius of each is a miracle.”

“a tone of forged honey.” Piano & Keyboard

“What emerges is a remarkable testament to the youthful energy, impressive talents and prodigious grasp of music composition of both composers.”

“Recorded by harpsichordist Barbara Harbach, this compact disc simultaneously increases awareness of a brilliant new classical prodigy while broadening appreciation of young Mozart's gifts.” American Music Teacher

“In light of the consistently high quality of Billington's early sonatas-which can certainly survive the comparison with her disc mate's-it's depressing to note that even today, most music historians write as if Mozart was the only child prodigy of his day.” Mesa Tribune

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