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VIV 902


Concertino for Oboe and Piano
By Zhanna Kolodub • Edited by Cynthia Green Libby

This arrangement by the composer deftly translates the rich colors of the orchestra to the expressive idiom of the piano. This is a welcome addition to the performing and teaching repertoire.
VIV 902, 20 Pages, $14.95


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A Brief Bio of the Composer

Zhanna Efimovna Kolodub, one of Ukraine’s leading composers, is Professor of Music at the Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Kiev. She was born into a family of musicians in the city of Vinnitsa on January 1, 1930, and studied violin and piano at Kiev’s Gleire School of Music, later graduating as a master (docent) from the Kiev State Conservatory. Although she wrote her first musical work at the age of five, she was 24 before she decided to pursue it seriously. Her composition teachers were Professor Liatoshinsky and the man who was to become her husband, Levko Kolodub.

Kolodub writes in many different genres, giving special attention to music for wind instruments, chamber music, and works for children. Her principal compositions are the ballets Snow Queen and Adventures of Vesnianka, Lyrical Scenes of Kiev for symphonic orchestra, Pictures of Nature for chamber orchestra, two sinfoniettas and a partita for string orchestra, several albums for piano, a wind quartet and other wind chamber works. Vocal compositions include international songs, choral and stage music, musicals and scores for movies.


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