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VIV 926


Sinfonia from Pallade e Marte
By Maria Margherita Grimani • Edited by Robert J. Haskins

Little is known about Grimani’s education or life. This three-movement Sinfonia is from her oratorio Pallade e Marte. This style sinfonia was the model for the early symphony, with engaging melodies and expert string writing making it a vibrant addition to the early orchestral repertoire.
VIV 926, full score, 8 pages, $11.95
VIV 926B, $40.00 (8,8,5,5,5)


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A Brief Bio of the Editor

Robert J. Haskins was born in Colorado in 1937. His education included Denver University, the Hamma Divinity School of Wittenberg University at which he completed a Master of Arts in Sacred Music, Yale University Summer School, and the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. He has been widely recognized as a composer and conductor and is still active as a pianist and cellist. He has been on the faculty of Wilmington College of Ohio since 1963.


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