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Organ Music by Organ Music by Women Composers before 1800 VIV 303 $14.95
Amalia, Anna: Figurierte Chorale for Solo Organ VIV 328 $8.95
Bartholomew, Ann Sheppard Mounsey: Introduction and Fugue VIV 359 $8.95
Benaut, Mr.: French Classical Noels and Magnificats for Solo Organ VIV 333 $18.95
Benaut, Mr.: O Filii et Filiae (Variations on "O Sons and Daughters of the King") VIV 347 $9.95
Berg, George: Ten Voluntaries for Solo Organ, Volume I VIV 357 $19.95
Berg, George: Ten Voluntaries for Solo Organ, Volume II VIV 358 $19.95
Camidge, Matthew: Six Concertos for Solo Organ VIV 318 $20.95
Elgar, Edward: Pomp and Circumstance for Solo Organ VIV 332 $8.95
Mendelssohn Hensel, Fanny: Farewell from Rome for Solo Organ VIV 343 $8.95
Mendelssohn, Fanny: Organ Works in G Major VIV 329 $9.95
Mendelssohn, Fanny: Prelude in F Major for Organ VIV 304 $9.95
Merkel, Gustav: Christmas Pastorale VIV 350 $8.95
Sales, Pietro: Concerto for Organ (string parts extra) VIV 314 $24.95
Schumann, Clara: Prelude and Fugue for Solo Organ, Op. 16, No. 2 VIV 322 $8.95
Schumann: Prelude and Fugue for Solo Organ Op. 16, No. 3 VIV 305 $8.95
Sirmen, Maddalena Lombardini: Concerto I for Solo Organ VIV 327 $14.95
Smyth, Ethel: Chorale Preludes for Organ VIV 311 $14.95
Soler, Padre Antonio: Works for Organ VIV 310 $17.95
Stirling, Elizabeth: Six Fugues for Organ on English Psalm Tunes VIV 323 $19.95
Stirling, Elizabeth: Romantic Pieces for Organ VIV 324 $18.95
Tartini, Giuseppe: Three Concertos for Solo Organ VIV 320 $21.95
Vivaldi, Antonio: Lute Concerto for Solo Organ VIV 319 $9.95


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