Women of Note Quarterly
Table of Contents

November 1997
Vol. 5, No. 4

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Apo Hsu
By Cynthia Green Libby

Jean Coulthard's Latest Decades: With Age the Power to Do Good
By William Bruneau 

Discovery: Compact Discs in Review
Miriam Hyde : Australian Piano Music Brownhill Creek in Spring
By Barbara Harbach

Dulcie Holland: Australian Piano Music A Scattering of Leaves
By Barbara Harbach

Tania León: Indigena
By Marie Asner

Lindsay Cooper, Nicola LeFanu, Elizabeth Maconchy, Errollyn Wallen:
British Women Composers, Vol. 1
By Marie Asner

Cecilia Grassi Bach:: Trials of an Eighteenth Century Woman Musician
By Linda Cockey and Robin Cockey

Alternative Beat
United Women's Orchestra: European All-Women Big Band by Thomas Erdmann

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